Allowance Pouch: Spend, Save, and Tithe!

Walking through the aisles of the store with three in toe is not for the weak of heart!  I usually have one of my 3-year-old twin girls grabbing sugar coated, artificially dyed puffs inaccurately labeled “Cereal” while my other twin is desperately repeating the word “snacks” while trying to search the bottom of my purse for my emergency stash.  Fortunately for me, as of late my six-year-old does not follow the twins’ lead.  Instead she tends to walk along calmly without begging for treats, toys, or stickers that she sees on the shelf.  I have one important item to thank for this miracle…her allowance pouch.

allowance pouch, parenting, sew, diy

Of course it’s natural for a child to want everything in sight at the store.  In fact, marketing companies take advantage of this by packaging junk in sparkly colors and grocery stores conveniently shelf said items right at my children’s’ eye level.  This does not make our trip to the grocery store easy.
Well, it was time that Emma stopped begging for all items is sight and learn about the value of the dollar.  I didn’t want to scare her with a response, “We don’t have money for that” every time she asked for something but I also didn’t want her to flippedly believe money grows on trees.  We decided to copy a dear friend’s allowance plan (Isn’t that what good parenting is? Stealing good ideas from moms you admire?) and tweaking it a bit.  Emma’s friend was receiving $3 a week for certain chores and each dollar had a specific place…one for spending, one for saving, and one for tithing.


I wanted her to have space for all three categories and I knew envelopes weren’t going to hold up.  I wanted them attached for easy storage but I also wanted to give her the flexibility to take just one section either to the store or to church.  I came up with the idea of sewing pouches after watching Melly Sews‘ fabulous tutorial and decided to attach my three zipper pouches with plastic snaps.


I let Emma forage through the fabric pieces I had on hand and the project started!

allowance pouch, parenting, sew, diy

Besides basic sewing supplies, you will need:

3 zippers at least 9 inches long

3 sets of inner fabric (2 pieces per color) 9″x7″

3 sets of outer fabric (2 pieces per color) 9″ by 7″

Snap pliers and plastic snaps

allowance pouch, parenting, sew, diy



Before you head on over to the tutorial, embroider the front fabric pieces if you choose to do so!  You can also have your child decorate and label the pieces with a fabric pen or puffy paint.

allowance pouch, parenting, sew, diy

Once your pieces are ready and your tools are collected, head on over to Melly Sews‘.  I found her video tutorial especially helpful!  Once your three pouches are created, head back here to put them together!

I added plastic snaps on the back of the first pouch to fit into the front of the second pouch.  I then added plastic snaps to the back of the second pouch to connect to the third pouch.  It’s a little awkward fitting them into the pouch sleave but worth it because it looks so much cleaner with the snaps hidden from the front and the back.



allowance pouch, parenting, sew, diy

In the end, we all won.  I got to construct a really cool project, Emma learned the value of money, and our visits to the store are much more peaceful and calm (except of course for the screaming 3-year-old twins repeating the word “snacks”..I can’t wait to make them some pouches!).


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