Teacher Tip #6- Print on Sticky Notes

Did you know you can print on sticky notes?!

I am a huge sucker for school supplies and anything I can color code, label, or organize so this was a very exciting discovery for me!

print on sticky note

I immediately thought this idea could help Emma with her sight words.  I printed her sight words on sticky notes and stuck them around the house.  Her job was to find whatever word I called out.  Let me tell you, the sticky notes made the set up and clean up processes a lot easier, eliminating the use of tape!

word hunt 2 print on sticky notes

I created this Microsoft template so you can write anything you want on your sticky notes…give it a try!print on sticky notes

Follow these simple directions to print your own sticky note messages:

  • Download the template.
  • Print off a blank copy and place sticky notes in the squares.
  • Add whatever text you would like on your template and change your borders to “none” under “table properties” so they do not reprint on your sticky notes.
  • Print your page after inserting your template with the sticky notes back in your feed.
  • Bask in your new ability to PRINT ON STICKY NOTES!!!


Here are just a few ways you can use printed sticky notes:

print on sticky notes

I Heart Planners– This is one of my favorite blogs.  She has a TON of great printables and this is one of them!  A cute sticky note like this would actually make my morning routine a little more cheerful!




print on sticky notesThird Grade Thoughts What an easy to way to take and organize conference notes!  You can store these in individual file folders by student or by date depending on your needs!





print on sticky notes Mrs. Standford’s Class  -Use these writing rubrics so not only your kids see where their writing is, but they can easily see how to make improvements.







print on sticky notes Teacher’s Notebook-Easily print blank graphs on sticky notes so you never have to make one again!











print on sticky notes

First Grade Fairytales– These writing checklists are probably my favorite use of sticky notes.  Students can check off every element as they check their own work.






How will you use this new skill?

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