Teacher Tip #5- Sealing in with Nail Polish

I was shamelessly wasting paper with my endless amount of to do lists, schedules, and chores for the week so I desperately needed a money and tree saving solution.

I thought the solution I had was pretty clever: I laminated my schedule and used a dry erase marker to fill in the blanks and list of things to do that day/week.  If you have been a follower for a while, you are plenty aware of my adoration of not only laminating but also dry erase markers, so this shouldn’t surprise you!

I found myself rewriting the same weekly events over and over again but didn’t want to reprint and re-laminate my original template.


Enter clear nail polish! This magical little bottle saved the snag in my tights from humiliating me in my 1987 recital and in later years protected my sensitive skin from my rings containing nickel, so I have a long-running relationship with clear nail polish.

clear nail polish

Simply write whatever you would like to last in permanent marker and then cover with clear nail polish. It will stay put while the rest of your laminated sheet can be wiped clean!

nail polish 2

Of course this prompted me to see what else I could use this little tip on.

Emma’s garden flourished more than we expected. Her sunflowers were taller than her daddy and her eggplants were a beautiful shade of purple. She did NOT get this little green thumb from me.

Unfortunately, her garden labels didn’t hold up. We know what sunflowers, eggplants, and marigolds look like but some of her herbs remain a mystery until we taste them. We’ve ended up looking like bunnies, smelling and sampling quite a few plants before finding the mint we needed!

Her little signs would have held up nicely, even through our flash flood and tsunami warnings, if we would have simply coated her writing with clear nail polish! Live and Learn!

What can you protect with this genius little bottle?



  • Like the look of the family schedule pictured above?  It can be found at Scattered Squirrel.  It’s one of her free printables and has helped keep my family organized this year!
  • Need a laminator?  I don’t know how I would live without mine!  I use this Scotch brand laminator and have been very happy with it for a few years now.


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