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Whether you’re teaching your children in a classroom or at home, a word wall is an excellent tool to help your little readers flourish!  Our word wall is my absolute favorite tool in my classroom!  It’s an interactive space for games, songs, and never fails to capture the attention of my little audience!

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This word wall packet will help you set up your word wall and accelerate your students’ learning!


The Set Up:

  • Use the alphabet cards from this post and line them up along your wall.  Your student will have a much easier time associating the letter with the correlating sound if a familiar picture is associated with it.

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  • Slowly add words to the word wall using simple notecards.  Start with the names of the class or family and then add Dolch pre-primer and primer sight words. You can print the included sight words on cardstock and simply cut out or print the label version on Avery labels 5352 available for purchase here.
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  • Print out the chant list as a reference for yourself or enlarge it to a poser size for your students to choose from. You can also cut out the titles and glue them to popsicle sticks so you have a “Chant Jar”.
  • Print out the song chart as a reference for you and your class.


1.  Sing the word wall song as an indication word wall is about to begin.

2.  Choose one word wall-worker and have him/her find the words with a pointer as you call them out.  Find the word on the word wall.

3.  Spell it- Choose from this great list available in the packet on fun ways to spell words as a group!

4.  Write it-The class writes the word in the air with their finger in the air or on a dry erase board if you have enough to go around.

5.  Use it- The word wall-worker calls on two students to create a sentence with the word.

Repeat these 4 short activities for 3-5 words a day.  Your word wall will become a useful tool to your students before you know it!

Don’t help your student spell a word that is on the word wall.  Once they are comfortable finding words on the wall, they can use it to spell!

Tip: Don’t add more than 5 words a week.  We don’t want to overwhelm our little readers!

Click here to grab your word wall packet including the word wall song, spelling chants, and your sight words all ready to print.


Happy Teaching!

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