I have a secret…

Yep, I’ve been keeping a secret for a few months now.  Here it goes. Whew. Let me get the courage. Ok. Here it is. I…am…an…ADDICT. Breathe.

Fortunately I’m not addicted to anything illegal or unhealthy; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’m addicted to essential oils and use them daily (admitting is the first step).

Young Living Essential oils

Yes, it’s true…I’ve become one of…THEM!

In a way, my transformation into one of “them” first had its roots a few years ago when I became frustrated with the inordinate amount chemical toxins found in the household products I was using in my home and on my family. That frustration (darn chemicals!) was my genesis in becoming more “natural.”

Making my own cleaning supplies was my gateway into natural living and I soon found myself cloth diapering twins (husband was not happy!) and even making my own deodorant.  Did you know aluminum is found in popular brands of deodorant…ALUMINUM!  If you think that’s bad, don’t look into the ingredients in diapers!

Young Living Essential Oils

When I start listing all of the natural things I do and make, using essential oils really shouldn’t have been such a surprise to me.   The truth is though that 6 months ago I would never had thought that I would be interested in essential oils. Now, here I am sitting at my desk writing a post on how I became one of “them” (and yes…I realize that I am turning more and more granola as we speak).

How I got started with essential oils…

One of our daughters has shown some anxiety in certain situations and a dear friend of mine suggested trying essential oils.  My face smiled and I said something like, “Oh Molly, that’s a good idea – I’ll give it a whirl,” while the voice inside my head said, “she’s nuts if she thinks a drop one of her Harry Potter fairy-tale potions is going to magically relieve Olivia’s separation anxiety and I’m going to be able to finish my cup of coffee.”

She took out her handy little book, sifted through her bag of bottles, and thoughtfully pulled out Young Living’s White Angelica.  She applied it to Olivia and even Olivia gave me the look that said, “Is she for real?”

We continued to talk and slowly but surely, Olivia cautiously climbed out of my lap and joined the others to play (my inner voice now was saying “what just happened????????”).

Was her surge of courage due to the White Angelica?  Possibly.  Was her decision to leave me and join her peers because she all of the sudden eyed a stroller for her doll that just became available?  Possibly.  I’m really not sure if the oil helped her or if it was just coincidence but I was intrigued.

Molly shared some of her resources and I began doing my own research.  I went to online Facebook parties, used Pinterest to gather as many tutorials as I could about the oils, and talked with other believers.

After much careful consideration, I bought my Young Living kit and started on my oily journey (that sounds weird…but you catch my drift).  I was hoping for a few ways to calm some cranky moods, lull my littles to sleep, and help create a calm and happy home.  What I wasn’t expecting was to replace almost my entire bathroom vanity and cleaning cabinet with Young Living.  My oils have really helped keep my family healthy and for that I am extremely grateful.  I have a recipe for respiratory health, a roller-bottle for keeping pollen attacks at bay, and a killer thieves cleaner.  My husband is now a believer and he was an even stronger critic than me (don’t tell him that I let you all know that he is also one of “them”).

I wanted to share how I started on this journey before I started sharing my favorite uses and recipes.  The best is yet to come!

Young Living Essential Oils, Natural living, healthy living

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