25 Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

Since we’re moving into our new home 3 days prior to Easter (after 10 months of living out of suitcases it’s fair to say we’re a bit excited) I’m starting to realize that I may have different items on my to-do list that weekend rather than preparing Easter Baskets. Thus, I decided to get a jumpstart on the baskets early! My twins (2 and1/2 year-olds) are having a hard time taking just one piece of candy and leaving the rest (I share this problem with them) so I decided to leave out the candy all together (I may regret this come Easter morning).

Candy-free Easter Basket Ideas

While brainstorming and researching candy-free Easter basket ideas, I came up with a pretty extensive list that I would love to share (and since our house tends to shade a tad pink I made sure to add some masculine ideas for the boys out there). Enjoy.

  1. Bubbles-These Melissa and Doug ones are currently on sale and they are super cute!  There are a few color options also.
  2. Chalk-We go through chalk fast than diapers on a newborn…we can never have enough and this Crayola set of 48 pieces is currently half off and under $4!
  3. Easter Book-This cute board book tells the story of Palm Sunday through the eyes of a donkey.
  4. Headbands-This set will be easy to split between the three girls!
  5. Knot Genie-This has been a LIFESAVER for our house and we are in desperate need of another!
  6. Alligator Bubble Saxophone-Taking the bubble fun to the next level plus avoiding something that resembles a gun…win win!
  7. Markers-These Mr. Sketch Scented Markers are my all time favorite markers (yummmm … bubblegum).
  8. Magic Sand-I think I’m even more excited about this magic sand than the girls will be!
  9. Silly Putty-Oldie but a goodie!
  10. Do-A-Dot Markers-These markers are the best. We use them so often and the girls are in desperate need of a new set. I’ll split this pack for the twins in lieu of the Mr. Sketch markers Emma is getting.
  11. Googly Eyes-Our craft station is always short on googly eyes!
  12. Pipe Cleaners-Always a fun addition to any craft!
  13. Socks-Maybe if I give them frozen theme socks they will actually wear them!  Have a boy obsessed with the Turtles?  Here’s a link for you!
  14. Lip Balm-I like this lip balm because it’s made with no parebens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, or even synthetic fragrances or dyes!
  15. Sunglasses-These are adorable!  Want a pair equally as cute for a boy that might actually stay on?  Here you go!
  16. Goggles-For my little fish!
  17. Nail Polish-This is a great non-toxic brand for little kids.
  18. Flash Cards-I plan on splitting up this awesome pack between the girls.
  19. Crocs-We lost a croc. Yep, somehow we lost a friggin croc…for three girls we are down to 5 shoes. That is not a good situation when you are living out of your suitcases.
  20. Turtle Figurine-The twins are obsessed with carrying a small toy everywhere we go.
  21. Magnatiles-These things are LEGIT! Originally I was not about to spend the money on these; however, when I saw my girls play with them at a friend’s house and subsequently fall in love with them I realized they were a “must” buy. This will be a purchase I do not regret.
  22. Self-Inflating Balloons-This pack includes 4 self-inflating foil balloon and I love the fact that I don’t have to blow these up!
  23. Front Loading Truck Spoon-Anything to make eating more fun lately!
  24. Chopsticks-Huge help with fine motor skills.
  25. Kite-Instead of going for the Frozen theme, I’m getting this large and easy to fly kite in hopes that it will help the two adult/three child ratio when kite flying!

I love these ideas but, in fear of Easter becoming as large as Christmas, I plan on shortening it. Feel free to steal ideas and tailor the list specifically to your children. Luckily for us, birthdays are right around the corner!


Happy Easter Everyone!

Leave a comment and  let me know what’s going in your Easter baskets!

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