Teacher Tip #1- Hand Sanitizer

Teacher Tip #1- Hand Sanitizer

Flu season is upon us!  If you’re anything like me, a bottle of hand sanitizer is your prevention dejure.

I suggest keeping hand sanitizer readily available in your classroom.  In order to make this process efficient, set up a hygiene station consisting of a box of tissues, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a small trash can.  To prevent those who overly use the sanitizer (I had a few boys who left the station reeking of bad tequila) consider instituting a “One Pump” rule.  One pump of the regular bottle may still be too much for very tiny hands, so perhaps you may want to involve rubber bands.  Here’s a quick tip to help your kids from using too much while saving them time and you money.

Simply wrap a rubber band around the neck of the bottle for a smaller squirt.

Happy Teaching!


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