Letter Recognition Activities

Letter Recognition Activities

Need some letter recognition ideas?  
Whether you are teaching a lower-level grade, homeschooling, or raising a little one at home, letter recognition is the first step in learning how to read.  Remember to keep the learning fun!  Fostering the love of reading is more important than any drill in ensuring your student’s long term reading success.
Here are a few hands-on activities that assist in letter recognition and fine motor skills.  Feel free to access the free print-out directions, alphabet download, and link to Do a Dot letters!

Salt Pan

Set your center up with:
  • Pans (I prefer a 9×13 pan with large edges to keep the salt in)
  • Construction paper
  • A small tub of salt with a scoop
  • Paint brushes (optional)
  • A print-out of the directions.  If you laminate this, you can use a dry erase marker to change the task.

You can have students work on writing their name, a specific letter, sight words, word-wall words, or the entire alphabet!  Print out the directions here.  These directions will also help guide your center setup.

Students can use their finger…

or a paintbrush!

When they are done, gently shake it up and start over!

Sticker Alphabet

Have students place stickers along the letter.  This not only works on letter recognition but also fine motor skills. These shadow letters are easy to create or you can download them here.
Look at those fine motor skills hard at work!
Proud Artist!

Do A Dot Letters

I love these Do a Dot sheets from Tot School!  She offers them for free here.  These are great to use with bingo markers.  I never seem to have one on hand so I use what I always have plenty of…cork!
If you run out of bingo markers and cork, you can always use your finger!


Now, let’s get our kids moving…

Letter Search

Search for letters around the room or entire school.  Kids can use pointers, popsicle sticks, or fingers.
This is a great activity to have parents reinforce when out and about; it can easily be practiced at home or even a grocery store.



Letter Jump

Write large letters on these P.E. dots and place around the room.  Students can jump from letter to letter calling out the letter they land on.


Be the Letter

Turn your body into the shape of the letter.  This is easily achieved for some letters but others may require some creativity!


Guess the Letter

This is a great alphabet game where a child chooses a letter and others ask him/her yes/no questions about the letter.  This not only reinforces alphabet but also phonics, critical thinking, and questioning skills.
Nolan: Does your letter have any straight lines?
Emma: Yes.
Nolan: Is your letter in the beginning of the alphabet?
Emma: Yes.
Nolan: Is your letter a consonant?
Emma: No.
Nolan: Is your letter a vowel?
Emma: Yes.
Nolan: Is it A?
Emma: Nope. 
Nolan:  Does your letter start someone’s name here?
Emma: YES!
Nolan: E?
Emma: You got it!


Happy Teaching!

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