How it all began…

How it all began…

When I first left the classroom 18 months ago I didn’t think I would miss teaching – wow was I wrong.  Don’t be mistaken, I love staying home with my three girls and spending extra time with my wonderful husband; but truth is, I really miss the classroom.  So after 18 months of reflection, I finally found the perfect solution: welcome to Your Teachers’ Lounge. 

We moved from Jacksonville, FL to Norfolk, VA when I was seven months pregnant with twins.
This is how my interview would have gone to prospective Norfolk employers:

“I would love to teach at your school.  I’ll need about 12 weeks off when I give birth to twins in two months…oh, and also, I have a three year old daughter who loves to get sick at inopportune times…oh, one other thing, my husband is an aide to an admiral so he’s super busy.  How liberal are you with sick days because I’ll probably be using a lot of them to help with my girls?  Oh ya, and I’ll be moving in about 11 months.  When can I start?” 

Even if I squeezed my belly into something that resembled professional attire (new black yoga pants?), I don’t think I would have gotten the job!

Although the decision was pretty much out of my hands, I wouldn’t change a thing.  John and I have embraced this crazy adventure called the Navy.  I love being able to stay home with the girls and live in different parts of the country.

Here is a snapshot of my educational career:

  • B. A., Elementary Education, University of Iowa
  • M. Ed., Elementary Education, University of North Florida

Teaching Experience:

  • Fifth Grade in Montgomery, IL
  • Second Grade in Pensacola, FL
  • Fifth Grade in Jacksonville, FL
  • Kindergarten in Jacksonville, FL
  • Instruction Coach in Jacksonville, FL
  • Cadre with New Teacher Education in Jacksonville, FL
  • Clinical Educator at University of North Florida

I have a passion for the classroom and an even stronger passion for professional development.  This blog is my way to helping teachers from a distance!

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